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Message from the Program Manager

Sarah Assinewe, Manager

Sarah Assinewe, Manager

Aanii – Boozhoo Parents/Guardians of the Wikwemikong Hub Centre

Miigwech for the great opportunity of servicing our very youngest citizens of our community, our children that attend the programs at the Hub Centre.  We value the combined efforts our staff and each parent/guardian to assure that children receive the utmost quality early learning experiences as it builds the foundation for their formal education.


In recent years the early learning and child care sector has seen major changes.  “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years” is now the curriculum guide that is practiced at the Hub Centre.  This is a relatively new resource and continual learning is a process that is expected.  The Child Care and Early Years Act 2014 is what has replaced the outdated Day Nurseries Act, this has entailed changes and revisions to the regulations that involve licensing.

The staff of the Wikwemikong Hub Centre strive to ensure that the children of Wikwemikong are given every opportunity in a developmental and cultural context.

The Hub Centre has made a commitment to work and engage parents/guardians and at the broader community to deliver and offer engagement sessions and in capacity building for its staff.  We have made a commitment to become not only cooperative partners in this regard, but also leaders who will stay at the forefront of early learning and childcare.

We are honoured to be a part of your child’s first learning at a nurturing stage in their development.  We will strive to provide the very best building blocks and to instill a love of learning.


Sarah Assinewe, RECE-RT

Program Manager


Full Day Program Hours

Toddler & Preschool

Monday to Friday

7:45a.m. to 4:45p.m

½ Day Preschool Program Hours

Morning Group

Monday to Friday

9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.

Afternoon Group

Monday to Friday

1:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.

Regular daily Programming Hours

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The Wikwemikong Board of Education (WBE) was mandated by Chief and Council to manage the educational programs in the Spring of 1986.

The Wikwemikong Nursery School Program has been in existence since August of 1971 and under the administration of the Chief and Council which was then transferred to the Wikwemikong Board of Education in August of 1987.


Ensuring quality care and early learning through our Anishinaabe-Aadziwin.


The Wikwemikong Hub Centre promotes play-based learning for all young children.  We believe children are competent, capable and curious explorers that can flourish in a safe and stable environment.  By nurturing the children in our care we can assist in enhancing their self-identity and thus creating a greater sense of belonging.

Guiding Principles

We Understand and Believe:

  1. The important role parents and families have as partners with educators and staff.
  2. Children are to be given opportunities to explore their natural environment.
  3. And we recognize the Three Fires Confederacy dialects and beliefs.
  4. That play and inquiry is essential for developing life-long learning.
  5. That quality is maintained and achieved by ensuring educators are registered with the College of Early Childhood Education and affiliated associations.


The Wikwemikong Hub Centre programs are designed to meet community needs within compliance of the Child Care and Early Years Act 2014, “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early years, and the College of ECE – Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Programs include inclusive Toddler and Preschool programs that can accommodate up to 68 children, ages 18 months and up-to-4 years of age; 16 children for Preschool Full Day (childcare) and 32 children for ½ Day Preschool Programs (16 AM & 16PM students) and 20 Toddlers for the Full Day Toddler Program.



Each child in Wikwemikong has the right to the best possible childhood according to the Wikwemikong Children’s Bill of Rights.  Our goal at the Wikwemikong Hub Centre is to make Wikwemikong a “Hub” in achieving the social, intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional potential of all its children.

To this end, the Wikwemikong Hub Centre provides programs that are designed to meet the social, intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the children in Wikwemikong.  We will continue to provide the best possible care according to the needs of the community.

Further we recognize that parents and families are the first and greatest influence on children’s early learning and development but also recognize that young children and their families also live in a community that shapes their life.  We therefore, support a cooperative partnership with parents/guardians and the greater community.

The Wikwemikong Hub Centre follows the Child Care and Early Years Act 2014 and is fully licensed facility under the Ministry of Education – Early Years and Child Care.

Toddler care is offered for children 18 months to 30 months (2.5 years). 5 children to 1 (5:1) is the Children to Educator ratio for our Toddler program.   In total, the Toddler program can accommodate up to 20 children.

All programs providing care to toddler age children have flexible daily schedules.  Each day will include a morning and afternoon play time indoors and out and opportunities for language and cultural activities. Nutritious snacks and lunch is provided to all toddlers at the Hub Centre.

Priority for care is given to children of working parents-guardians or parents enrolled in an educational activity.

All services to children ages 31 months and up to 4 year of age (until they reach Kindergarten) are serviced under the Pre-School program. The Wikwemikong Hub Centre maintains a staff to child ratio of 8:1 for this age group. There are 32 spaces in this licensed program that forms an integral part of the Hub Centre programs.

Children in the program at Wikwemikogn Hub Centre will spend their day exploring their world with ample opportunities to make choices on the types of activities they are interested in both the indoor and outdoor environment.

Language and cultural experiences will be available daily as well as many opportunities to develop fine motor and creative expression skills. Nap times will still be provided for those children that need it, with snacks and lunch prepared by the Hub Centre.

Priority for care is given to children of working parents-guardians or parents enrolled in an educational activity.

Binoojiinh Akinoomaagegamik

Parent Resources


Tel: 859-3797 Fax: 859-2362

Program Manager Sarah Assinewe, RECE-RT
Administrative Assistant Glenda Mandamin
Preschool Program Linda Eshkawkogan, Supervisor Preschool Programs,

Nancy Shawanda – RECE

Dyan Roy – RECE

Elena Manitowabi, Early Childhood Educator, RECE (Toddler Program Supervisor)

 Toddler Program Darlene Wemigwans – RECE

Ruby Simon – RECE

Vanessa Shawongonabe – RECE

Candance Trudeau – RECE

Resource Staff Lorena Wabanosse, Anishnaabe Curriculum Coordinator

Stephanie Toulouse – RECE

Gertrude Eshkawkogan – Binoojiinh Akinoomaagegamik RECE

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