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Please be advised that the deadline for applications for educational assistance from the Post-Secondary Counselling Unit for 2018-2019 is Friday, June 1st at 4 pm EST. In accordance with the Post-Secondary Student Policy, all applications for educational assistance must be received in the Post Secondary Counselling Unit office on or before the deadline date of June 1st.

Any applications received beyond this date will not be considered. Applicants are now encouraged to apply on or before June 1,2018, for programs starting in September 2018 and January 2019.  The application is now available in a link below.

Counselling Services

The Post Secondary Counselling Unit provides one-on-one counselling services. Students are encouraged to use all counselling services (academic or other) that are available at the institution they are attending for additional support. Moreover, guidance counselling services are available to students at the Wasse-Abin High School.

Policy Statement

Wikwemikong Board of Education- Post Secondary Counselling Unit recognizes that each student is an individual; that all students are creative; that all students need to succeed. Therefore, we respect the individual needs of students; we foster a caring and creative environment; that emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each student.

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Important Dates

June 1 2017: Sponsorship Deadline

August 3, 2017: Graduation & Awards Ceremony

2017 - 2018 Graduates Invitation

Congratulations to all of our sponsored students who will be graduating from their programs. The Post Secondary Counselling Unit will be hosting it’s 37th Annual Graduation and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, August 2, 2017. All graduates are required to submit a Graduation Application Profile along with their official transcripts. Graduates (or a designate) must be in attendance to accept the Graduate Incentive. For more information please contact the PSCU office.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Post Secondary Graduation in the form of a Memorial Award/Bursary please click the PDF link below and return the completed form with your donation to the Post Secondary Counselling Unit.


Monetary Donation Form

The Graduation Application Profile 2017-2018 (Fillable PDF). This application will be available in Winter 2018.

Applying for Sponsorship

At the same time that you are completing and submitting your application to either the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) or to the Ontario University Application Service (OUAS), you need to be completing the Wikwemikong Board of Education Post-Secondary Educational Assistance.

In order to process your PSCU Application for Sponsorship in a timely manner, you must complete all necessary information on the Application for Educational Assistance, and submit the required documentation.

Please review the FAQ’s on this page and the 2017-2018 Post Secondary Student Policy while completing your application.

You must submit an application for each academic year and/or semester that you wish to attend.

Applications will be considered based on eligibility and availability of funds.

Please contact the PSCU office if you have any questions as you are completing this application.

Please review the student policy as there have been changes made that may affect you as an individual.  There is also an instructional package which will assist you in preparing your application.  Note: You must download the application in order to fill in the form and use the digital signature. 


Download the Student Policy


2018-2019 Sponsorship Application Instructional Package


2018-2019 Sponsorship Application

Application Intake

Upon acceptance and review of your application, you will receive an Application Received letter with a checklist of outstanding documents. Please submit outstanding documents in a timely manner (incomplete applications will not be assessed). If your application is received in full, it will then be assessed for eligibility and a recommendation will be made. Recommendations are reviewed based on available funding. If an application is eligible and funding is available an approval package will be issued. If an application is ineligible or funds are no longer available a not approved notice will be issued.

Information for Students

page2-img3All students must have an individual health card. This card must be presented when seeking medical attention at a health centre or doctor’s office. If you do not have one, you may be refused medical attention or you may be required to pay your own medical expenses.

page2-img4Prescriptions for Status Indians are covered by the Non-Insured Health Benefits program on a prior approval basis. When you take your prescription to a pharmacy, tell them that you are from the Wikwemikong Band and give your Registered band Number and have your status card readily available as proof of eligibility. Non-Insured Health Benefits approves payment for prescription drugs that are on their approval lists.

student-glassesTo request assistance for eyeglasses, book your appointment directly with any optician. The optician then calls the Prior Approval Centre in Ottawa to see if you are eligible. Please note-Non-Insured Health Benefits program just covers basic costs for frames and fittings. Tinted glasses, fancy frames, and contact lenses are not covered. Eye Exams are no longer covered.

student-dentalAn application form must be completed for dental care coverage. Forms are available at the dental office only, and status card must be shown. For emergency treatment, just ask the dentist to bill the regional dental office.

student-statuscardApplications for an Indian Status card are available in the Membership office at the Wikwemikong Band Office. Telephone, (705) 859-3122, ext 301/302 or Toll Free 1-800-880-1406.

Please call the membership office, as there may be a minimum fee involved.

Native Friendship Centres – Find a Centre
Native Housings Services – Download contact list


Do I really have to submit another application for sponsorship?

The answer is simple…..YES! If you are expecting to get sponsorship for your studies, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have a new application submitted for the appropriate deadlines.

The only time that you don’t need to submit a separate application is for Winter —- this means that if you started the school year in September and are scheduled to continue through to the end of the regular school year (April of the next year), then you don’t have to submit a separate application for Winter; your application submitted by the June 1st deadline will cover you for both the Fall and Winter.

What if I missed the deadline to apply?

Under no circumstance will an application be accepted once the Application Deadline has passed.

What if I am just starting my studies in the winter semester?

Yes, you need to submit an application by the June 1st deadline.

What if I started and completed my regular school year (September - April) AND I want to continue for the summer?

Yes, you need to submit a separate application by the deadline.

What if I am not sure that I want to start or continue my studies at college or university yet?

You still need to submit an application for sponsorship by the June 1st deadline if you want to be sponsored. Then, regardless of your decision, at least you have the opportunity for sponsorship AND if you decide not to attend, you just inform the PSCU and you can withdraw from the school (if you had already applied and received your acceptance).

What if I only want to attend on a PART-TIME BASIS?

Yes, you need to submit an application by the June 1st deadline. Even if you are only looking at taking one course but still don’t know what course you want to take or if the course will even be offered by the school, YOU NEED TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION!

Who is eligible for post secondary funding?

ONLY a registered Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve member with a valid status card can apply. If you are a registered W.U.I.R. member and you have met the entrance requirements for and been enrolled in or accepted for enrolment in an eligible post secondary program then you can apply for post secondary education assistance through the Wikwemikong Board of Education Post Secondary Counselling Unit. Questions about membership can be directed to the W.U.I.R. membership office at (705) 859-3122.

Can I apply for funding without a letter of acceptance or without confirmed registration from a College or University?

Yes, you do not have to wait for these items. Your information can always be changed on your application if it is different than when your application was completed.

Who am I supposed to see or contact if I have questions?

This depends on the purpose of your contact. The receptionist at the PSCU can direct you to the right person. When in doubt, contact your Education Counsellor. Your Education Counsellor’s name is on your approved application letter.

I've been approved for post secondary funding, now what?

You will receive a copy of the approved application in the mail along with a copy of the sponsorship letter that is sent to your post secondary institution. It is your responsibility to register with the post secondary institution depending on the college/university. Remember to check with your post secondary institution for specific dates and deadlines. If you stay in residence, you must let your Education Counsellor know prior to your first month’s education allowance being released. Be aware of your institution’s deadlines for residence.

When will my monthly education allowance be deposited?

If you have been approved for a monthly education allowance then it is directly deposited to your bank account by the last Friday of each sponsorship month. Any problems with your file at the PSCU may result in the deposit being delayed. Keep in touch with our Education Counsellor to make sure everything is okay.

How do I opt-out of an optional health insurance plan, and where can I access information on the non-insured health benefits?

Only mandatory tuition and mandatory student fees are covered in approved tuition assistance through PSCU. Avoid charges for optional student fees by opting out at the start of the semester. Check with your institution on when fees are applied and the deadlines for opting out. First Nations and Inuit Health Branch works with First Nations and Inuit communities, other Health Canada branches, and federal government departments to provide health programs and services. Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) The Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB) provides a range of health related goods and services to eligible beneficiaries who are status Indians, recognized Inuit and recognized Innu people in Canada. The NIHB Program offers specific health related benefits not provided by other agencies such as provincial and territorial health plans or other third party plans. These benefits include vision and dental care, medical transportation, drugs, medical supplies and equipment and others. Visit to access more information.

Can I get advances on my education allowance?

No. There are deadlines and procedures in place for receiving monthly education allowance.

Can I change academic programs if I already started one?

No, program changes are only approved for medical reasons. Please be aware of deadlines and procedures for the college or university as well as Post Secondary Counselling Unit. Speak with your counsellor before you decide to change academic programs.

How often should I have contact with my PSCU Education Counsellor?

You should have direct contact a minimum of once per semester. Full time students will have either direct or indirect contact with counsellors at least eight times per year i.e.:

  • To complete an application for education assistance before the next applications deadline.
  • To review progress to date, share successes and concerns.
  • To discuss marks, progress reports, transcripts.
  • To submit required documentation.
  • To confirm that all required documentation has been submitted to maintain eligibility for education assistance.
  • To discuss your education plan.

Contact can be made with your Education Counsellor in several ways. For example by telephone; by mail; in office visits and through e-mail.


Aboriginal Human Resource Council

The national Canadian based organization with a mandate to advance the full participation in the economy of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and Indigenous Peoples around the world.

Public Service Commission

Website for post secondary recruitment – deadline for each spring is in the fall of each year.

Human Resources and Social Development

Find jobs links to the following websites: Canadian Heritage; Indian and Northern Affairs; Industry Canada; plus many other youth employment links. Canada

Government Youth Jobs

Website gives youth information on summer career placements and summer work experience programs for youth.Website

Wii-ni n’guch-tood Local Delivery Mechanism

The Wii-ni n’guch-tood L.D.M. will enhance and support the interests of the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve members through the design, funding, monitoring and evaluation of training initiatives and employment programs, all activity shall be determined by its benefit to the total membership, the environment, with consideration to the uniqueness of the people of Wikwemikong.

Indspire- Bursaries and Scholarships– Deadline June 1st & November 1st

Since its inception in 1985, Indspire has disbursed almost $65 million through close to 20,000 scholarships and bursaries to Indigenous students, making it the largest funder of Indigenous education outside the federal government.

The Scotiabank Student Excellence Award– Deadline is Friday, June 16, 2017

Five (5) scholarships in the amount of $2,500.00 each will be awarded to Anishinabek First Nation students in the post-secondary level for academic excellence.

Rose Nolan Scholarship– Deadline TBD

The Rose Nolan Scholarship, named after Ted Nolan’s mother, was established to help First Nations Women achieve their educational and training goals, while maintaining strong community involvement.

Canada Post Aboriginal Incentive Award– Deadline August 31, 2017

The Canada Post Aboriginal Education Incentive Awards celebrate the hard work and determination of individuals of Aboriginal heritage who have embraced a renewed pursuit of learning.

OCAS – Ontario College Application Service
Ontario Universities Application Centre
OSAP – Ontario Student Assistance Program
Ontario Aboriginal Housing Support
Learning and Post-Secondary Education


Tel: 705-859-2010 or Toll Free: 1-866-832-9464  |  Fax: 705-859-2888

Rona George

Handles all College (student) programs and answers all questions on your education assistance budget, monthly allowance, overpayments and letter requests.


Education Counsellor: ext. 227

Program Manager

Handles all University (student) programs and answers all questions on your education assistance budget, monthly allowance, overpayments and letter requests. Manages the Post Secondary Counselling Unit.

Email: TBA

Ed. Counsellor/Program Manager: ext. 228

Sarah Jacko

Handles incoming calls/faxes/mail and directs you to the appropriate counsellor.


Administrative Assistant: ext. 231

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