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Raymond Madahbee

Raymond Madahbee

The Information Technology Department serves the Wikwemikong Board of Education Schools and departments through a series of services that includes:  integrating computer systems, coordinating and providing training, negotiating and managing information technology related contracts, and technology assistance and support.  This department creates the technological environment that enables Wikwemikong Board of Education employees and students to quickly access vital information using the most efficient and cost effective systems; comprised of hardware and software systems.


The Information Technology Department assists Wikwemikong Board of Education schools and departments in obtaining the best possible education by ensuring that the computer infrastructure and technology is kept up-to-date, maintained and protected.  The Information Technologist is dedicated to providing quality service through teamwork and relying on individual strengths.


  • Provide quality, cost effective communication services to all Wikwemikong Board of Education departments and schools.
  • Provide and maintain effective computer applications and software which meet WBE needs
  • Provide and maintain a secure, reliable, and effective Information Technology Infrastructure.
  • Increase public access to information and Wikwemikong Board of Education services through the website.


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