The WBE’s support for improved student outcomes in mathematics began in the second year of the FNSSP program. Ms. Susan Griffin was seconded to the program as the K-12 Numeracy Facilitator. Since the early stages of the implementation the focus has been on teaching mathematics through problem solving approaches. Ms. Griffin works collaboratively with teachers to explore essential concepts (Big Ideas) and uses a variety of new models and strategies to teach the concepts.

We have also supported mathematical professional learning through projects with Ontario Math Leaders, Kathy Kubota-Zarivni and Amy Lin. The former implemented a unique blended learning approach to deliver the Primary/Junior Additional Qualifications course to our elementary staff. The latter is working with our intermediate staff members to strengthen their concept knowledge and to engage students in rich tasks to support their learning.

It is our belief that all students can learn and be successful in Mathematics. Dr. Carol Dweck’s research and her book, “Mindset” influences our approach to teaching mathematics throughout our system. We focus our efforts and feedback to students on improvement and the process of learning so that they can adopt a growth mindset with respect to mathematics. This in turn helps them develop grit and improved achievement throughout the program.

In another area of focus we balance an emphasis on problem solving with computational fluency with the explicit teaching of Mental Math strategies in our primary and junior classrooms. These strategies are introduced and practiced daily in a mental math period and further utilized and reinforced in the normal math period.

Additional pages in this section document some of the learning staff and students have engaged in thus far and provide some insight to our next steps. Enjoy!

Numeracy News and Events


I was pleased to walked into Ms. Manitowabi’s class today to see the students engaged in their work. They were using Tarsia puzzles to reinforce their multiplication skills. Many of the students embraced the struggled and did not give up on the puzzles, even when their level of frustration increased. Those students who were finished […]

Rocking the Multiplication of Fractions Greater than 1

          Yesterday I was in Ms. Lavallee’s Grade 8 class.  They were challenged to prove that 3 1/2 + 1 2/5 = 3 1/2 x 1 2/5. Here is what one group found… Hmmm… How can that be??  We revisited to question – what did I ask you to do?  Prove […]

Back from OAME

Today is the first day back to work following the OAME conference in Toronto. I found it affirming to discover that many of the changes (and challenges) that are happening here are in line with what is going on in the Provincial schools. Amy Lin, who has been working with the Grade 7 and 8 […]