Education Technology

The internet and electronic devices have changed our world, offering unparalleled resources and associated challenges.  As the technology has expanded, so have the immediate and future needs of our students and staff. To help meet these challenges, the Educational Technology (Ed Tech) Facilitator supports the learning of both teachers and students in the effective implementation of technology.

Many changes have occurred over the past two years. Wireless connectivity is available throughout the board and we have introduced laptop carts to the schools that supplement the computer labs, allowing students to use the internet more actively to research for school projects in the classroom. The schools have started teaching about digital citizenship and personal responsibility regarding the information that students share about themselves, their families, and others on the internet.

The Wireless Writing Program, in Grade 6, is continuing this year.  We are looking more closely at Non-Fiction reading and writing as well Critical Thinking skills.  Office 365 will become one of our tools of choice, using OneNote for students to respond to reading; as a Writer’s Notebook; and to allow teachers to provide feedback in a timely manner.  Students will also be able to peer edit and assess each other’s work using the collaborative elements of Office 365.


Digital Literacy Lesson

I had a great morning in Mrs. Natalie Eshkawkogan’s class this morning.  We were talking about websites and the reliability of them as sources of information.  Using a lesson from Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence (K-12) pages,  we assigned the students (in pairs) websites to evaluate. The students rated the websites individually […]

OSAPAC Opportunities: OERB Resources

        I am revisiting a resource from OSAPAC that I shared with you previously,  just as a reminder that it is still available. OERB (Ontario Electronic Resource Bank) is a collection of curriculum related materials for teachers and students to use.  It is open to all teachers, students, and parents in Ministry […]

Web 2.0 Wednesday: Word Clouds

Well, it’s not Wednesday, but better late than never??? I am hoping to post some Web 2.0 tools that might be of interest for use in the classroom on Wednesdays. I thought I would start off gently – with something many people are familiar with: Word Clouds. There are three main Word Cloud creators available: […]

HSTRY for Education

While looking for a timeline site to use with an E-Learning course that I am facilitating, I discovered HSTRY for Education, which I thought I would share. HSTRY for Education is a free, digital timeline creator that allows you to create a class (using a class code). The students can collaborate on the timelines and […]

Hour of Code

Three classes – one Grade 7 class and both Grade 6 classes at Pontiac – participated in the Hour of Code in December. The Hour of Code is a Global movement that engages people around the world from ages 4 to 104 in learning to write computer code. Organized Hour of Code events take place […]

Tech Learning

We had a great time learning about Dragon Naturally Speaking at the multi-CI meeting at Pontiac last night. The teachers and EAs who were present engaged in setting up their own profile on Dragon. The hope was that they would develop a clearer understanding of the process their students would have to complete to be […]

Office 365

The Wikwemikong Board of Education is an Office 365 Board! From the beginning of the school year, we have be working to have all students and staff within the Board connected to and using Office 365. Why Office 365? Office 365 provides staff and students with many features and benefits including: -OneDrive for Business with […]