Wikwemikong Board Of Education Operating Policies

The Wikwemikong Board of Education commenced planning for policy review, revision and implementation in 2013.  As part of the planning the WBE submitted proposals to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada to begin the process of policy review and implementation ensuring effective education governance. INAC funded our Structural Readiness proposal as part of the First Nations Student Success Program and we started the policy review in 2014-2015 and continued through the 2015-2016 school year.  The process for policy review and implementation entailed a review of policies with principals, program managers, board members, consultants, legal policy consultants and lawyers  for quality assurance. The policies created align with the Education Statutes and Regulations of Ontario.  The school board has spent years updating its policies and creating new policies to ensure good education governance; and as part of that process we are sharing the documents on the Wikwemikong Board of Education website.  The WBE will be providing training on the use of these policies throughout the 2016-2017 school year.  We thank the federal government at INAC for financially supporting the processes over the years.  The policies that we have created and share here we hope will bring clarity and direction to the daily education operations at Wikwemikong.

Policies are organized in the follow categories:

  • Board Governance
  • General Adminstration
  • Students
  • Human Resources Procedures
  • Finance
  • Wiikwemikong Unceded Territory

General Administration

201 – Cafeteria
202 – Healthy School Nutrition Environments
202A – Nutrition Letter/Food Allergies
202B – School Nutrition Standards
203 – Student Attendance at Wikwemikong Board of Education Schools
204 – Code of Conduct
205 – Student Transportation
210 – Internet Technologies – Digital Citizenship
211 – Internet Technologies – Acceptable Use
212- Internet Technologies – Acceptable Use – Social Media
213 – Internet Technologies – Acceptable Use – Protection of Privacy
213A – Form respecting Confidentiality
214 – Internet Technologies – Acceptable Use – Software and Licenses
215 – Internet Technologies – Acceptable Use – Viruses and Malware
216 – Internet Technologies – Acceptable Use – Removable Media
217 – Internet Technologies – Acceptable Use – Network Access
218 – Internet Technologies – Acceptable Use – Video Surveillance
219 – Privacy Breach
220 – Protection of Privacy
221 – External Research Request
221A – External Research Request Form
222 – Animals in the Classroom
225 – Use of Privately Owned Vehicles to Transport Students
225A – Declaration Form
226 – Field Trips and Excursions
226A – Form- Application for Field Trips and Excursions
226B – Form- Curriculum Expectations for Field Trips and Excursions
226C – Form – Summary Financial Statement for Field Trips and Excursions
226D – Form – Consent for Ongoing Field Trips or Excursions
226E – Form – Consent for Field Trips and Excursions
226F – Form – Parent and Guardian Information Sheet – Field Trips and Excursions
226G – Form – Final Checklist for Field Trips and Excursions
230 – Access to Schools
231 – Communications and Media Relations
233 – Records Management
233A – Table of Laws Pertaining to Records Management 235 – Emergency Procedures – General
236 – Lockdown Procedures
237 – Hold and Secure, Evacuation, and Shelter in Place
238 – Bomb Threat
238A – Record of Bomb Threat Call
239 – Inclement Weather
240- Medical Emergencies and First Aid
241 – Professional Placements – Students